Meeting Minutes

Recent minutes of  meetings of the Eaton Area Historical Society are posted on line. Click on the link below to see the document.

EAHS Minutes 4:24:23

(No March meeting due to bad weather)

EAHS minutes 2:27:23

EAHS Annual Meeting January 2023

(No Meeting December 2022)

EAHS Nov 2022 minutes

EAHS Oct 2022 minutes

EAHS Minutes 9:26:22           9:26:22 Minutes Correction

(no meetings July & August)

EAHS minutes 6:27:22

EAHS minutes 5:23:22

EAHS minutes 4:25:22

EAHS minutes 3:28:22

EAHS minutes 2:28:22

EAHS Minutes Jan 15,22

EAHS minutes 11:29:21

EAHS minutes 10:25:21

EAHS minutes 9:27:21